This Doc is to help developers to integrate MTN mobile money plugins on prestashop


Before using the plugin, you need the following

  1. Download the MTN mobile money API from the abyster site


Login to as an administrator on your site. that is, go the dashboard page. From the PrestaShop dashboard, access the Module Manager menu, click ‘upload plugin‘ to upload and installed the plugins you have downloaded from the AByster site

Select file>>install Plugin>>Configure


Move to create an account or sign in if you already have one.

Product >> Collections >> Subscribe

Access your profile, copy your primary key then paste it at your woocommerce setting>>payment>>mtn momo cameroon as the subscription key.

Move to API sanbox >> Sandbox user provisioning

To get the API user , we need the X-reference Id which is gotten from 

Copy the id.

Go back to your mtn momo sandbox, click the try it button then paste the value you copied from the uuid generator on the x-reference field.

Click the send button.

The result should be “201 created”

Copy the x-reference id and paste on the momo form on woocommerce as the API user

Move to sandbox user provisioning >> /v1_0/apiuser/{X-Reference-Id}/apikey – POST >>Try it.

Paste your x-reference id then click the send button.

The result should be “201 created”

Copy the API key above and paste on the momo form on woocommerce

Return to your site, Select a product >> Add to cart >> view cart >>  proceed to chekout

Fill in all the necessary informations

NB: Input you momo number without the prefix 237

For the Production mode, the user automatically receive an OTP where he/she has to confirm to complete the payment.

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